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His dark hair is tousled and unkempt.  There is no vanity is him – he has little interest in his own appearance.  It is the shining of the rising sun, the colours of the sunset, the stories etched into the faces of others – these are the sights that warrant his attention. 

His warm brown eyes induce a tenderness in me, till now unknown.  Their warmth emanates from a thousand years of wisdom.  Yet sparkle with a crackling humour that undoes me as the crinkles appear the moment he smiles. 

My feelings for this man are immense and sure.  They are of respect and admiration.  Trust and devotion.  Safety and freedom.  This is an abiding love.  My soul’s search – finally satisfied.  This is a man who needs not a single thing from me, yet willingly accepts all my heart has to offer.  Demanding no more – and never keeping score by withholding his own affections.  His voice soothes my mind, whilst his hands alternatively induce a fever, then calm a storm.  His breath is my very own life-force.  And the circle that is created when he holds out his arms – is my only home.